meet the team

Our daycare is supervised by caring trainers, and offers an educational alternative for exercise and socialization, with opportunities to learn manners while interacting with people and a large variety of different dogs.
Owner/ Dog Training Instructor

Kristin Kerner


Born and raised in Michigan, CO since 2002, DW since 2004, owner since 2013 Team blocky-head dogs, lives with Maeby, Smithy, and Hazel, Loves helping relationships with humans and their dogs, Classic movie fan, not ashamed to admit she drinks instant coffee

Daycare Manager/ Dog Training Instructor

Linda Ayling


California native, CO since 1977, DW since 2007, Manages EVERYTHING at DW, Trainer & instructor, 3.5 dogs at home (Mavis, Billee, Nia, and Beta) plus 3 horses 3 goats, and a duck, brilliant trainer of dogs, has more patience than a ______, can fix anything.

Daycare Super Distractor

Leanna T

CO native, DW since 2018, Husky Mom (Team Pointy ears), lead dog wrangler, assistant trainer, vacuums the fur of Kenya, Kenai, and Barcelona, would make a good zookeeper, used to work with chimpanzees, wants to own a raccoon someday

Dog Wrangler / Office Helper-er

Teagan H-B

CO native, DW since 2019, dog wrangler, office helper-er, hangs out with her awesome dog Toki, may be involved in D&D, probably has a superhero costume.