Dog training

We want to help you grow your dog to be the kind of pup you want to live with. Let us help you learn to speak dog.


puppy 101

We focus on what's right for a puppy brain.
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Dogs of all ages learn foundational skills.
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Developing skills while introducing distractions.
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Work one-on-one with us, here at our facility.
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How it works

Choose your class

We have various class types for you to choose from.

Check availablity

We offer in-person and virtual classes.

Schedule appointment

Let's determine which dates and times work best for everyone.
Private Sessions Excluded*

what to expect

In all of our classes our goal is to help you listen and communicate with your dog, and to teach you how to train with your dog.


Do you do boarding and train?

We do not offer this service.

What do I need to bring to class?

6ft leash attatched to flat buckle collar, harness, etc…some tasty treats, and an eagerness to learn with your pup.

Where is training happening?

We teach in our large warehouse space (about 3000 sqft)

How many dogs in class?

Typically 12 dogs are in class.

Can my family come to class?

You betcha! We love having the whole family involved :)

Should I do a group class or a private appointment?

Our group classes are designed for teaching or brushing up foundational skills. (Sit, Down, stay, etc…) Your dog should be comfortable in a room with other people and dogs. If you have very specific training goals or wish to work on behavioral issues-private is the way to go.